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What We Do?

Whether you are entrepreneur or artist, for us you are a FRIEND. We carefully analyze your goals, develop an advertising campaign and place the plan into action. In addition to our main services, we help our clients forget their brand within their marketplace and help them stick out among the competition with branding and consulting solutions.

We Build Brand
We Do Social Media Marketing
We Manage Reputation
We Build Brand

Your brand identity is the way you showcase that you're for a company: your strengths, values, goal, not to mention your services and products. Fantastic brands may get familiar, clearly-defined cultural touchstones -- everybody is aware of what they stand for, and their clients are loyal participants within their names. One of the key things we do at Social Media Odyssey is to create awareness about your brand in general public.

We Do Social Media Marketing

We'll make sure you never fall into a well-publicised epic fail effort or a compilation of The 10 Largest Social Media Disasters. We also will not fully take over your accounts since we know that we wish to speak with you rather than listen to continuous, one-way revenue messages driven by your promotion agency.

We Manage Reputation

Our Reputation Management Services can raise visibility and develop new equity, also to generate advocacy and build your reputation. We help brands in managing their online reputation. We also analyze forms of queries and help brands to construct an FAQ that ensures prospective questions are taken care of immediately.


Social Media Odyssey is a Straightforward Mix of Ideas and Innovations. A Creative Digital Agency, Brewing new ideas for you. Whether it's creating your digital product or just designing it, whether it's engaging with your audiences or just marketing to them, we do it all.

Confused about Social Media? Don't know what channels to use or how to use them?

If you're confused about how to use social media for optimal effect on your company, or you simply just don't have enough time, we can help. We're at Social Media Odyssey understands the challenges that arise from the world of social networking.

Therefore we are transparent, time saving and economical.


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Awesome Clients... Awesome Testimonials!

Some words from our friends...


Shruti Sharma

Make Up Artist

Saurabh has been instrumental in maintaining my social connections with my customers online. With his help and support, we have been able to dish out content that's not only relevant but also very engaging. Quick to respond and eager to understand the nuances of new businesses I would highly recommend his services for social media


Meher Malik

Belly Dancer & Owner of Banjara School Of Dance

Saurabh has been managing social media marketing for banjara school of dance since 2011. He has done an excellent job at creating more awareness and visibility of the brand.not only has he made it a brand amongst fellow artists but also amongst laymen. his hard work and dedication are unparalleled. if you're new in the market and your brand needs a push, Social Media Odyssey is the place for you. They have the most innovative and interesting social media marketing solutions.


Sonia Shil

Dancer & Perfomer

My facebook page was dead... Only 700 likes that too my friends liked it... but finally my saviour Saurabh who is immensely talented and a hard working guy...he worked so good that in almost 3 months I have more than 6000 likes... thank you is a small word for him as the way he works day & night is just awesome...thank you Saurabh for all the effort to make my page look alive and for the lovely quotes in my facebook page and Instagram too which expresses exactly what I feel ..what I like ... what I m... people and my frnds really like my quotes and dey ask me where do I get my quotes from... I said them I have someone who does all the hard work and he's a magician... he is magic... thnk you...









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We never want that to happen. We're with you to the end.


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